The US Green Building Council (USGBC) is planning to announce the new LEED rating system – LEED v5 – this month and will open public comment for 60 days, according to the USGBC.

The USGBC is seeking feedback from members of the built environment around the world, including in the Gulf, where there are many LEED projects, sources said.

LEED v5 is the newest version of the green rating system which will prompt participants to curb carbon emissions in all possible ways ranging from going all-electric for heating and cooling systems to disposing of refrigerants in old HVAC systems safely.

LEED v5 marks a transformative milestone in the built environment’s alignment with a low-carbon future and addresses critical imperatives such as equity, health, ecosystems and resilience.

The most significant sources of carbon emissions in buildings include operational, embodied and transportation emissions. All LEED v5 rating systems including O+M and BD+C will enhance the carbon literacy of the industry.

In terms of health, LEED v5 facilitates the creation and maintenance of safe and healthy spaces that promote physical, mental and behavioural well-being for all occupants, in current and future climates. The new version also recognises that readiness and adaptation are critical and rewards operational preparedness for extreme events.

Finally, LEED v5 asks teams to understand and address the social impact of a project.