MB Crusher’s stand at The Big 5.

Italy-based MB Crusher, which offers a comprehensive line of patented crusher buckets and accessories for excavators, skid loaders and backhoes, showcased its cost-effective tools at The Big 5 Heavy in Dubai last month.

The company had a consultant at its outdoor stand OS 800 to demonstrate how its crusher attachments are made to facilitate the work on site, enabling companies to avoid procurement costs, save time by processing material on the spot and save money by avoiding landfill and transportation costs.

MB Crusher offers a range of products that allows companies to manage the full cycle of crushing and recycling at the site, thus simplifying crushing, screening and handling of aggregates while saving time and money.

Using ‘Made in Italy’ technology, MB crusher buckets can process all extracted material, in order to render it reusable directly on-site or sold for other applications.