Safari, a leading facilities management (FM) and construction company in Saudi Arabia, has announced that it has been awarded all three FM packages by the King Fahd Causeway Authority after a diligent and detailed tender process.

According to the five-year contract, Safari will provide over 500 staff to maintain and enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the King Fahd Causeway, a key gateway between Bahrain and Saudi

As per contract, Safari will carry out FM operations, maintenance and complete inspection works for King Fahd Causeway on both sides (Saudi Arabia and Bahrain), including roadworks, protective rails, lighting fixtures and all related accessories, backfilling, the Aziziyah crossing and buildings, and a total of 25 km of bridges.

The scope of work also includes the facilities for collecting transit fees on the bridge and the surrounding area on the Saudi and Bahrain sides, and the roads leading to the entrances, as well as car insurance facilities on the Bahraini side. 

Safari will provide a power supply station for all bridges, roads and the border island located north of the intersection of the Aziziyah bridge, as well as service stations in various locations. Also included is the marine works for inspection of all five bridges and the two truck detachment areas before entering the bridge on each side.

In addition, Safari will undertake the cleaning of buildings, landscaping, and general site coordination as well as pest control for the King Fahd Causeway and its facilities on both sides.

Ali Al Sagri, the Chief Commercial Officer of Safari, said: “Safari is a responsible gatekeeper and caretaker at other important sites of value like Diriyah Gate as well as some of the top-tier palaces and other important key locations across Saudi Arabia. We take our appointments at these locations as more than just a contract, but as a service to our country, and we take our role as temporary trustees very seriously.”