Jazeera Paints, a leading paint manufacturer based in Saudi Arabia, has announced the launch of its all-in-one product Jazeera Green Silk Flexy, ideal for all types of ceiling finishes in Middle East and North Africa  markets. 
The launch comes in the course of Jazeera Paints' incessant innovative solutions to meet and exceed the expectations of its valuable clients in Mena markets, said the statement from the company. 
Green Silk Flexy is an innovative solution for ceiling paint. It is an-all-one product that functions both as the base and finish paints for all types and elements of interior ceiling like pipes, iron, galvanized iron, cement roof, aluminium, plastic, and many more. 
One of the product's distinguishing features is its colors which can be customized based on the client's need for their specific projects, besides its aesthetic effect in hiding and covering holes and cracks, it stated.
Hani Saraya, projects general manager at Jazeera Paints, said: "We take innovative solutions as part of our mission and commitment towards Jazeera Paints' brand and towards our clients; we cannot just stop providing innovative solutions."
Jazeera Green Silk Flexy holds the front of inventive products that make the painting process easier, faster, and dependable. It has already been utilized in celebrated mega-projects across Saudi Arabia like Riyadh Metro, major malls, and huge exhibitions, stated Saraya.
"Jazeera Green Silk Flexy product comes in the course of a deep market study, a deep clients' need study, and a proactive vision of Jazeera Paints as the Lead of Paint Industry in Mena," he added.
"With our mission prioritizing clients' satisfaction, we, after conducting much research and numerous experiments, and after the product has been tested and certified by Exova and Intertek, are pleased to present Jazeera Green Silk Flexy, the superior product in interior ceiling paint and finishing," said Saraya.
"As a leading company in Saudi Arabia, Jazeera Paints, always seeks innovative products and construction solutions, he added.