DMC paints ... keep the walls cooler.

DRY Mortar Company (DMC), a leading pre-mixed mortar producer in Saudi Arabia, offers a range of natural paints that have been developed in Australia to withstand the extremes of the hottest continent on earth. This makes them a perfect fit for the demands of the climate of the Middle East, says a spokesman for the Riyadh-based company.

DMC paints are part of a full system of products offered by the company for the construction industry, including insulation renders and pre-mixed renders, all formulated to work in conjunction with its award-winning paint.

“Our paints offer simple application, will not blister or peel, are completely ultraviolet (UV) stable, so they will not fade in the sun, are completely permeable, which means the walls can breathe and will not be affected by moisture or humidity, are non-flammable and natural, and more importantly will keep buildings cooler,” says the company’s spokesman.

Made from pure minerals, the paint becomes part of the wall, according to the spokesman.

He continues: “DMC paints allow humidity and moisture to be freely exchanged so walls are not affected by a build-up of moisture behind the paint layer, which is what causes the flaking and blistering you find with other paint systems.

“Due to the durable nature and long life of DMC paints, maintenance costs are greatly reduced, saving money over the life of the building. Our paints require no undercoat/ primers, making application very easy and economical; the finish is easily maintained and redecorating is very simple, requiring no removal of previous applications.”

DMC paint forms millions of tiny micro-crystals, which have heat-reflective properties, reducing the surface temperature. “Your walls remain up to 12 deg C cooler in direct sunlight, reducing thermal stress and air-conditioning loads. The paint is 100 per cent UV-stable, will not attract dust and protects your wall surface.

“Moreover, these paints are completely natural and will not harm the environment. They have been independently tested and verified, and are the perfect paint for projects of any size,” he says.

DMC currently offers two key natural paint systems – Kalk, which has been specially developed for all exterior absorbent wall surfaces; and Uber, for all interior and sealed interior or exterior walls. They are suitable for rendered walls, brickwork, stone, mud brick, cement and traditional houses.

These paints were introduced on the market in 2008 and are been used on many villas and palaces in Saudi Arabia, including a private residence of a Saudi minister.

DMC lays emphasis on quality and complete system integration. Its products include block-laying mortars, renders and plasters, thermal and acoustic insulation, a wide choice of textured finishes and pure mineral paints.

The company’s readymix mortars are produced combining German ingenuity with the highest quality materials. It offers a complete wall system, from textured to smooth finishes, integrated insulation and over 1,500 colours. All products are pre-mixed to ensure spray application and world-leading quality.