The Profilo Smart furnishing system ... design flexibility.

ITALIAN brand Lukas Design is promoting its best-selling product, Profilo Smart, a modular anodised aluminium furnishing system. Featuring a simple and elegant design it has been conceived to be installed in every type of environment, particularly where there is a need to combine design and flexibility.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the furnishing system consists of a modular track, to be mounted on the wall, which can be equipped with a system of accessories and supports that can be adjusted horizontally and vertically. The track and the hooks are hidden by a cover and everything can be put together without the help of any tools or specialised personnel.

All the main components of the standard version are made of anodised aluminium, available in various finishes (paint, chrome-plating, inserts made of wood, leather, wallpaper, decorations, among others) and colours to match any accessory on the market or even new creations. The design of the covering can be modified according to the projects adapted to any style.

“The system is highly versatile and its characteristics make it suitable for hotels, hospitals and other indoor and outdoor public spaces,” says a spokesman for Lukas Design, a division of K Design.

“It can be the base element around which to arrange the furnishings of a hotel room. From the television to the desk, from the bookshelves to the night tables, all accessories can be easily mounted on the track according to the needs of the clients to make the space modular and flexible. In the same way, a bathroom can be easily equipped with different accessories including special ones for the disabled,” he explains. “For four- and five-star hotels, simply by modifying the accessories of Profilo Smart in the room, it is possible to offer the same level of aesthetics and comfort even to the most demanding guest.”

Luca Mammi, the founder of the brand comments: “This product line was created to respond to the growing demand for autonomy, flexibility and freedom in numerous situations. From contract to public spaces, from bathroom facilities to private homes, we have discovered how useful it is to offer a modular and flexible product in terms of applications as well as design. The result is a new approach to designing, managing and organising spaces, an approach that favours transformation and creativity.”

Versatility is the keyword of Lukas Design’s philosophy, says the spokesman. “The countless application possibilities of Profilo Smart have made it possible to achieve targets in a short time, he says.