The DXB170 ... superior performance.

DESIGNED for use on mini through large excavators, Doosan’s new DXB range of hydraulic breakers offers a number of important features including a simple, robust design providing both economical and reliable performance, low maintenance costs, operator comfort and carrier protection.

Intended for demolition, construction and mining applications, the new series of hydraulic breakers launched for the global market include the DSC36, DXB100 (launched in July), DXB170, DXB190, and DXB260 models, which cover carriers from mini-excavators and skid-steer loaders to large excavators.

The new range now represents a full line-up of models for all kinds of customers.

Says a Doosan spokesman: “DXB technology ensures the carrier is protected from the effects of reduction in pressure peaks. The breakers include an energy recovery system and a patented valve system, increasing overall performance; a high-quality piston and cylinder manufactured to precise tolerances; and an advanced dampening system to protect the breakers against blank firing.

“The close tolerances of the parts used in the breakers result in lower maintenance costs.”

The Doosan DXB170 is suitable for 18 to 28-tonne excavators while the DXB260 breaker is designed for use on 27 to 37-tonne excavators.

“The superior power-to-weight ratios of these breakers provide very efficient reduction of rock, boulders, concrete and other demolition waste, as well as excellent excavation work,” the spokesman adds.

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