The KR 720 drill rig is ideal for drilling vertical, comparatively large drill depths of up to 25 m in a single pass.

Klemm Bohrtechnik, a specialist in the development of powerful drilling rigs with total weights of up to 32 tonnes, has announced the launch of  its new KR 720 drill rig which is particularly suited for drilling vertical, comparatively large drill depths of up to 25 m in a single pass. 

As a market pioneer, Klemm has had a decisive influence on the development of anchor drilling technology over the last five decades, giving a technological advantage to customers around the world. This is because Klemm offers a broad range of products and services (drilling devices, hydraulic hammers, rotary drives and drilling equipment) as well as individual solutions so that customers can carry out drilling tasks efficiency with regard to time required, reliability and safety, the company say.

When developing the KR 72, Klemm Bohrtechnik focused on catering to the high pressure injection drilling (HPI) segment. HPI in special foundation engineering requires the use of specially-designed drill rigs to carry out tasks such as sealing dams; drilling deep foundations for buildings; and underpinning foundation supports, the company explains.

This rig caters to a wide spectrum of applications including compaction grouting for improving the load-bearing capacity of the ground, and rock grouting for filling fissures, cracks and cavities.

The KR 720 can also be configured to carry out tasks such as water extraction, deep-hole hammer micro-piling (DTH) or continuous flight auger drilling, it adds.