Bahrain’s pavilion ... a semi-cubic building.

Bahrain Antiquities and Culture Authority (BACA) has announced steady progress on its Dubai Expo 2020 country pavilion with the construction work due to be completed this month (January).

Bahrain’s pavilion, which covers 2,000 sq m, is operating under the thematic umbrella of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, which examines the relationship between density, opportunity, sustainability and mobility as components of a thriving society.

Visitors will experience a pavilion with a unique and groundbreaking design and structure, said BACA officials.

The 24-m semi-cubic building features a total of 126 columns (11 cm in diameter and 24 m high) – that will join at several points and bring to mind weaving needles, through which density is experienced – and 169 plate facades made of steel.

The kingdom’s pavilion has been designed by renowned Swiss engineer Christian Kerres. It will act as a pathway to explore the interrelationships between creativity, density, and opportunity, they added.

BACA President Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa, who recently inspected the project work, emphasised on the timely completion of the project.