Real estate transactions in Dubai, UAE, during the first half (H1) of the year reached a value of Dh132 billion ($35.93 billion), achieved through 35,571 sales, mortgages and other transactions, according to figures released by Dubai Land Department (DLD).

DLD’s H1 2017 transactions report reveals that the market has achieved a high percentage of growth compared to the same period last year, with the total value increasing by 16.8 per cent.

The report also confirms that the Dubai real estate market generated a total of 25,864 sales transactions worth over Dh63 billion ($17.15 billion) and 7,893 mortgage transactions worth Dh60 billion ($16.33 billion), while 1,814 other types of transaction brought in Dh9 billion ($2.45 billion).

Providing an analysis of the value generated by different types of property, the report shows that the land category represented Dh91 billion ($24.77 billion) from 8,000 transactions, while building sales accomplished 3,887 transactions worth Dh10 billion ($2.72 billion) and unit sales crossed the Dh31-billion ($8.44 billion) mark from 24 transactions.