Emirates Thermostone production facilities.

Emirates Thermostone has secured major contracts to supply autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) construction materials to several high-profile property developments this year, says a spokesman for the company, which is a fully-owned subsidiary of M’sharie, the private equity arm of Dubai Investments.

The contracts reflect a growing trend among UAE property developers to offer investors the structural and ergonomic benefits of the recently-introduced AAC technology for premier developments, he says.
“AAC is a precast building block made from natural raw materials, which provides thermal and acoustic insulation,” he says. “It is essentially concrete with closed air pockets in it. It is produced by adding a foaming agent to concrete in a mould, then wire cutting blocks or panels from the resulting ‘cake’, and ‘cooking’ it with steam (autoclaving).
“AAC blocks are popular in building construction due to their affordability and the fact that they can reduce the total cost of a project. They are economical to ship and handle and install easily without special crew or equipment. Prefabrication and quick erection shortens construction time, reducing construction and financing costs. The economical, environmentally-friendly and lightweight material has developed an international reputation as a preferred construction material as its thermal properties reduce power consumption and make it an energy-efficient choice for warm climates.”
Several developments, including Al Majaz Tower in Sharjah and the Two Towers, Al Liwa Tower and Bonnington Tower developments, all in Jumeirah Lakes, are the most recent additions to the list of developers who have awarded Thermostone with orders for the supply of AAC construction materials for their new projects.
“These high-value contracts represent the growing popularity of AAC as a construction material and the increasing demand for these products has the potential to redefine traditional construction methodologies. Thermostone AAC blocks have value-added benefits including excellent construction properties such as structural strength, lightness, thermal insulation and fire resistance, making the products a natural choice for contractors who want to provide their clients with the latest developments. Thermostone’s products are naturally resistant to fire, termites and fungal delay and are extremely cost efficient,” says Ali Abdul Karim, general manager, Thermostone.
“Many residents prefer AAC materials because they do not release pollutants or toxic substances that could affect the indoor air quality, even in a fire. Despite having commenced production only in May last year, we have already supplied AAC products for several prestigious property developments within a short time period as the popularity of the products has soared,” Abdul Karim adds.
Emirates Thermostone was established in 2004 in a bid to provide high-quality building materials to the construction industry, he says. Since then, it has gained a reputation in the region for manufacturing quality heat-insulated aerated concrete of all types and sizes, using the latest global technologies.
Emirates Thermostone, which is based in Dubai Investments Park, operates one of the largest and most technologically-advanced AAC production plants in the Middle East, annually supplying many of the region’s premier developments with up to 15 million specially-designed blocks, slabs and panels per year.
The company operates in technical collaboration with some leading European companies renowned for their expertise in the production of AAC materials, targeting residential, industrial and commercial developments throughout the GCC states.