Paving specialist StreetPrint has made its mark on over 150,000 sq m of roads and pavements in the Kingdom.

The company, which is a division of Jeddah-based BMC Saudia, has several other projects currently on the drawing boards. The division operates under licence from Integrated Paving Concepts Incorporated of Canada.

Elaborating on how its paving process works, a StreetPrint spokesman says: ''Pavement texturing involves imprinting and surfacing freshly-laid asphalt with 'grid-style' depressions to replicate patterns common to hand-laid brick, cobblestone, random and other various modern designs.

''This imprinting is achieved by placing templates on the surface of hot asphalt immediately after final compaction.

''StreetPrint is used for new roads and alleys. It can also be used as an overlay over existing pavements.

After the imprinting process, a surfacing compound called StreetBond is applied using an air-operated pump.

The compound comes in spectrum of colours.

StreetPrint replicates the warmth and beauty of hand-laid brick, yet offers savings of up to 50 per cent compared to other decorative paving alternatives, he says.

The process adds charm to any commercial, municipal or residential application, the spokesman says.