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The Inswing door ... 1,000 mm size.

Roman reveals new shower enclosure

Roman, a leading British shower designer and manufacturer, has launched a brand new Lumin8 Inswing Door shower enclosure, which provides a solution to create a large showering area with limited space.

Available in a range of sizes so can be used in bathrooms of all sizes – from ensuites to large family bathrooms, the enclosure has an 8-mm-thick glass and the Inswing Door itself is frameless, presenting a sophisticated look. It features chromed brass hinges at the top and bottom of the door with smooth stainless steel pivoting arms.

Roman’s managing director David Osborne says: “We are delighted to introduce our Inswing Door to our already successful Lumin8 range. The Inswing Door presents a luxury shower enclosure for a small or large bathroom, due to its many different size configurations and unique door opening mechanism.”

He says the Inswing Door has been cleverly designed to feature a large opening without significant protrusion into the bathroom area. This large opening allows ample space to enter and exit the enclosure in comfort and the minimal protrusion into the bathroom allows space for existing and new bathroom furniture.

The unique opening of the Inswing Door means that it doesn’t open out into the room as much as a pivot door or a hinged door enclosure would, but still offers the wide access opening. The door incorporates ‘soft-close’ pistons to provide a luxury smooth door, when opened and closed.

A single Inswing Door operates in four sizes from 760 mm to 1,000 mm and the 1,200-mm size comes fully assembled with the in-line panel built-in. There is no framing on the Inswing Door or between the door and the in-line panel, which presents a completely minimalist sleek look across a wide aperture. As with all Roman products, the Inswing Door has been fully tested to ensure that it reaches and exceeds all relevant standards.



The Darling New series.

The Darling New series.

Duravit brings privacy to bathroom

Duravit, a leading supplier of bathroom ceramic, bathroom furniture, accessories, bathtub furniture and wellness ideas, has introduced the first private bathroom that is not only a room for personal hygiene but the backdrop for everyday accessories.

Duravit not only impresses with a young design but also surprises with entry-level prices for the series DuraStyle and Darling New.

According to a spokesman for the Germany-based company, cool and functional bathrooms are in great demand in residential communities.

DuraStyle offers a clever vanity combination composed of furniture accessories in oak or American walnut and matching ceramic. The open shelf is used for storing all kinds of bathroom accessories. The wall-mounted toilet DuraStyle with extra flat seat and soft-close system integrates perfectly with the bathroom with the rimless model also being very easy to clean.

The Darling New series, meanwhile, is full of creative possibilities. The washbasins offer enough space for toothbrush and the various accessories. The design feature of this series is the harmonic semi-circular shape. All bathroom furniture of the DuraStyle and Darling New series are now available in 30 different shades.



Lounge Seymour ... elegance.

Lounge Seymour ... elegance.

Minotti adds feminine touch to sofas

Minotti of Italy has launched the Lounge Seymour sofa which conveys soft feminine comfort and sensual elegance. Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, the sofa is of restrained proportions and features curves that express a feeling of intimacy.

Distinctive of Lounge Seymour are the one-piece seat cushions embellished with subtle top stitching which allow for the creation of unique, asymmetrical compositions.  The sofa becomes even more casual when outfitted with the cushions, made of soft feather down and available in two sizes: 40 by 40 cm and 50 by 50 cm. The seat cushion covering features a subtle, modern quilted pattern.

“Thanks to its smaller seat depth, Lounge Seymour is also a brilliant solution to designing both residential interiors where space is at a premium and hospitality settings,” says a spokesman.

The sofa structure is in multi-plywood and the seat suspension is provided by elastic straps with a high rubber content. The seat structure is made of high-resilience, variable-density polyurethane foam to ensure the utmost anatomical comfort and durability. Armrests and backrests are made of metal coated in flame-resistant polyurethane foam. The seat, armrests and backrests have an additional covering in breathable, fire-resistant, heat-bonded fibre.