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Nendo’s shower lamp ... artful.

Nendo’s shower lamp ... artful.

 Axor unveils iconic shower ranges

AXOR, the designer brand of Hansgrohe, has launched its latest ShowerProducts in partnership with two leading young design studios: Nendo Design of Japan, and Front Design of Sweden.

“Nendo’s shower lamp indulges in artful shifts and transformations of concepts and meanings, while Front’s design draws its appeal from the reminiscence of impressionist public bathing culture, creating a totally new archetype for the shower’s handle,” says a spokesman for the leading manufacturer of bathroom mixers and showers

Despite operating within different cultural contexts, the designs developed by Nendo and Front have one thing in common – both present new icons in a charming and captivating manner. Through innovative designs, water pathways are reinterpreted in surprising and unconventional ways and long-established functional and spacial separations between the living and bathroom spheres are challenged. 

Nendo draws inspiration from an emotional living space outside the bathroom, while Front explores the technical origins of the water installation. Deriving from the Axor ‘WaterDream’, a conceptual project initiated by Axor that seeks out alternative visions for the bathroom space, the new products pave the way for alternative visions of the bathroom as a living space. 

Axor brand manager Phillipe Grohe says: “Our focus is not primarily on the products, but on providing additional scope for creative development, for breaking down established behaviour patterns, and for conducting an open, interdisciplinary dialogue. We focused specifically on the shower this time, using the competence Hansgrohe has gained over more than 111 years to reinterpret showering with Front and Nendo.”  



Jaquar ... blending style and grace.

Jaquar ... blending style and grace.

Personalised shower systems

JAQUAR, a global brand for complete bathroom solutions, has unveiled a wide range of shower systems that harmoniously combine personal style and grace.

These aesthetically designed showers and shower enclosures come in varied styles, features and prices to suit individual tastes, according to a spokesperson for Jaquar.

The new range of shower enclosures has been crafted as per European standards from design to installation. “Manufactured in accordance with stringent European norms, our wide range of shower enclosures and bathtub screens are customised as per space requirements, with accuracy and workmanship, ensuring maximum performance and durability while complementing the bathroom décor,” says the spokesperson.

The range boasts a diverse choice of designs and high quality and safety standards, as well as easy cleaning and maintenance features.

“Jaquar shower enclosures are the most preferred brand in modern bathrooms,” he adds.



kMix ... making life easy.

kMix ... making life easy.

Kenwood serves up the kMix range

KENWOOD, a manufacturer of consumer electronic and communications products, has introduced kMix, its latest range of attractive kitchen machines that aim to make life easier for the aspiring chef and eliminate the drudgery from the art of cooking.

Successfully blending aesthetics with efficiency, the kMix range comprises kitchen machines, food processors, blenders, kettles and toasters. It comes in brilliant monotones and stripes, ranging from vivid red and electric blue to sublime orange and chic black giving the end-user an opportunity to coordinate colours or mix and match.