What’s new

The AM05 ... intelligent thermostat maintains temperatures between One and 37 deg C.

Bladeless fan blows hot and cold

THE UK-based Dyson has launched a bladeless fan heater that provides fast and even room cooling and heating. The Dyson AM05 fan heater uses ‘Air Multiplier’ technology for long-range heat projection, providing direct heat throughout the room in winter and high-velocity air cooling in summer.

Dyson founder James Dyson says: “It’s frustrating when temperatures fluctuate – you’re warm one minute, shivering the next. So we created a machine that heats and cools effectively. We increased the output of the brushless motor by 33 per cent, improving cooling performance, whilst maintaining fast, even room heating.”

Dyson says it costs less to heat a whole room evenly with the AM05 than with conventional fan heaters. An intelligent thermostat maintains the temperature between one and 37 deg C. When it hits the desired temperature, the machine will turn itself off, but if the thermostat senses a drop in temperature it will turn back on to readjust.

With no visible heating elements or fast-spinning blades, the AM05 fan heater is safe and easy to clean. The unit comes with a remote control that can turn the machine on and off and adjust oscillation, temperature and airflow from across the room. The remote control is curved and magnetised to store neatly on top of the machine.



Strong and stylish tableware

Zenix ... smart design.

LUMINARC has unveiled a range of tableware made from Zenix, a new mineral material created from the high temperature fusion of mineral raw materials reinforced with alumina, which is said to give it remarkable mechanical strength.

“Zenix tableware is up to three times more resistant to shocks and has a perfectly smooth and non-porous reinforced surface,” says a company spokesman. “Plates made of Zenix retain their brand-new appearance wash after wash. An easy-to-form material, Zenix allows for surprising and smart designs, suitable for today’s uses. Organic curves are as easily achieved as geometric forms.”

Set up in 1948, Luminarc is the French leading tableware brand of Arc International. Its products are well known for their innovative designs and include stylish tableware intended for daily use.



Colombo blows in new collections

Colombo’s latest ... Alize.

COLOMBO Design of Italy has introduced two new collections for the bathroom – Alize and Basic – to meet every kind of furnishing requirement, ranging from the most exclusive and sophisticated to the most essential.

While Alize is positioned for the higher end of the sector, Basic is conceived for a wider clientele.

Alize comprises high-design accessories with refined surfaces and soft shapes. The collection gets its name from the Aliseo trade wind that moves and plays, thus softly shaping the material.

Designers Daniele Ruzza and Silvana Angeletti sought to bring harmony into the contrast between shadows and light, cold and warm. The chrome-finished Alize accessories are available in standing and hanging versions.

The mainstay of the Basic collection consists in designing objects characterised by the quality ensured by Colombo Design brand, at a reasonable price. All the 16 elements of Basic are made with top-quality materials like Cromall, which in some accessories of the collection matches with etched glass.