The new Khazaen market is being planned to be three times the size of the Al Mawaleh facility with scope for future expansion.

F&M Middle East, a leading consulting firm in the field of civil and architectural design, said it has secured a contract from Khazaen, the newest integrated economic city of Oman, to provide detailed design and tender documents for Phase One of its vegetables and fruit market project.

This comes following the signing of an agreement between Muscat Municipality and Khazean for the relocation of its Al Mawaleh facility to Khazaen Economic City.

The move will ensure a well-planned, fully air-conditioned, and spacious market with ultra-modern facilities for wholesalers and buyers, which will reduce heavy vehicle traffic on Muscat’s roads, said F&M Middle East.

The new Khazaen Central Fruits and Vegetables Market is expected to be three times the size of Al Mawaleh facility with provision for future expansion, it stated.

It will have facilities such as cold and dry stores, main wholesale halls, truck sales area, shaded areas for sorting and sale of onions and potatoes, agricultural inspection areas, office spaces for operating companies, forklifts servicing and multiple gates for entry of trucks.

In addition to support services, it will boast banking facilities, a 250,000-sq-m central truck parking area, mosque, supermarkets, PRO offices, and restaurants.

The new market will also have retail outlets to cater to individual customers from surrounding areas, it added.