HVLS ceiling fans from Khind.

Khind Solutions – a part of Khind Middle East, a major electrical appliances and consumer electronics brand from Malaysia – is introducing a number of energy-efficient high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans for cooling and ventilating residential, commercial and industrial facilities. The HVLS fans are available in various types, sizes and in innovative designs to maximise the energy savings, productivity and comfort.

Energy-saving HVLS fans are large ceiling fans ranging from 1.8 m to 7.3 m in diameter that add to the green credentials of buildings due to their energy efficiency and cost saving on cooling and heating systems, while offering superior ROI (return on investment) surprisingly fast, says a spokesman for the company.

These large ceiling fans move high volumes of air at a low speed (140 – 64 rpm). The low speed delivers a gentle breeze rather than a disruptive wind, and effectively circulates and distributes the airflow over a large area, thereby minimising the need for expensive complex ductwork. Unlike traditional ceiling fans, just one HVLS fan is capable of covering an area as large as 22,000 sq ft and can replace as many as 20 to 35 traditional fans, he adds.

Khind Solutions offers industry-leading HVLS fans invented and patented by MacroAir.  Known as the X Series, these top-of-the-line HVLS fans deliver massive airflow for all types and sizes of areas and save at least 30 per cent on cooling by dropping the effective temperature 4 to 6 degrees C, he claims.

Citing a a report by QY Research, the spokesman says the global market for industrial fans is expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.5 per cent and is expected to reach $8.8 billion by the end of 2025.

“Khind is going to introduce more energy-efficient and environment-friendly innovative products to our customers in the UAE and Middle East as it pushes the boundary of sustainability through innovation,” Adil Mistry, Group Chief Executive Officer, Khind Holdings Berhad, says. “The trend-setting X Series HVLS fans by MacroAir is one of many product ranges that we are bringing to customers in the UAE and GCC. These products will reduce energy consumption.

“Installing a powerful HVLS fan in addition to the air-conditioners will keep industrial facilities, factories, warehouses, indoor play areas, open-air restaurants, entertainment centres and other public facilities cooler. Environmentally-conscious consumers are looking at a better cooling option than air-conditioner that consumes high electricity. We, therefore, see a strong growth potential in the market for HVLS fans,” Mistry adds.

Designed and tested to perform longer than any HVLS fans in the market, the MacroAir industrial ceiling fans enjoy a 15-year warranty with zero maintenance – no oil, no gears, no friction and no noise – thanks to its gearless direct-drive motor, he says. These HVLS fans are easily controlled through a touchscreen controller, he adds.

Jos Paul CJ, Senior Operations Manager and SBU head for Khind Middle East and Africa, says: “We are receiving encouraging response from our distributors and dealers across the region. As a result, our business is growing in the Middle East. Even during the pandemic, we have done better than the previous years, which reflects the brand’s growing popularity and resilience.”