Becon enables to remotely monitor and control HVAC systems.

LG Electronics (LG) has launched its Becon cloud digital solution that enables business operators to remotely monitor and control their HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) systems with reduced costs and shortened non-operating times.

According to LG, the Becon cloud offers a comprehensive service to monitor stored data in dedicated cloud servers, giving operators the capability to analyse results and ongoing reports so they are kept up to date on the status of HVAC equipment.

Systems can be checked anywhere so if and when problems arise, they can be quickly identified and resolved efficiently to minimise downtime, it states.

The solution forms part of LG’s wider VRF System Maintenance service, which supports businesses in maintaining equipment performance and preventing unnecessary operating expenses.

Becon cloud is able to manage every aspect of a HVAC system from remote management to control and maintenance, says the company. Operators receive real-time monitoring data anytime and anywhere, making it easy to prevent malfunctions while at the same time providing excellent energy saving, differentiated service and consulting, it adds.

Jungtae Youm, the General Manager for Hi M Solutek, LG’s Service and Maintenance company, says: “Our Becon cloud offering is the latest example of LG’s innovative approach to HVAC management services. The system provides operators with real-time management data that empowers them to make improved system management decisions to avoid problems before they arise. Becon cloud also complements our larger VRF System Maintenance service giving end-users a comprehensive approach to HVAC management.”

Becon cloud specialisers are in total care of the LG HVAC from maintenance to energy solution. The solution’s Remote Control System (RCS) enables real-time monitoring via mobile, PC and tablet computers through an App and web control, while the Facility Maintenance System (FMS) delivers proactive repairs based on real-time diagnosis with Remote Check-up, Group Management and Big Data Analysis, Youm says.

The power of the cloud is employed to give operators quick access to site control through a single security account to perform management of the system with hierarchical group management.

“Unlike traditional repairs services that require parts to be delivered, additional assessments and inspections, LG Becon cloud offers a more streamlined and efficient repair process. A maintenance team can be quickly dispatched once an error has been detected,” Youm points out.

An online check-up analysis and diagnosis repair guide can be used while parts are able to be prepared on the first visit with the additional repair history reports also available, he adds.