Fixperience helps structural engineers solve complex design cases.

Fischer, a leading global manufacturer of anchor and fixing technology, is a brand that’s driven by innovation and its latest Fixperience software is ample proof of this.

This innovative design tool is considered Fischer’s state-of-the-art design and calculation software, which will allow structural engineers solve their complex design cases in a simple yet efficient fashion with reliability and safety in consideration – which has been one of their main challenges, according to the company.

Generally, generating and delivering unique and efficient designs with short lead times can be excruciatingly challenging and with the Middle East being the fast-paced development hub that it is, such demands as quite normal. But even under such conditions, fischer says it leads the pack and this can only be credited to innovation through their Fixperience software.

Fixperience plays a critical role through its highly user-friendly interface, by assisting engineers in addressing challenging cases, be they non-typical base plate shapes, structural rebar connections or architectural hand-rail connections.

This highly modular software, which is available for download for everyone on fischer MEA’s website can be used for a variety of applications. It has several design suite modules:

Cfix is used to design fixings in concrete and masonry; Rebarfix for design of structural rebar connections; Installfix for design of supports for mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) applications; Railfix for design calculations of hand railings in concrete; Mortarfix for estimation of chemical anchors; and Woodfix for design support for fixings in wood.

Through guideline considerations of various international standards, Fixperience fulfils all the conditions for usage globally, thus allowing engineers worldwide to use the software to efficiently plan and calculate complete projects or just individual cost-optimised applications.

To further emphasise on the brand’s strengths in the region, the German-based giant’s regional subsidiary fischer Middle East and Africa (MEA), a 2018 super brand, is considered one of fischer’s fastest growing subsidiaries worldwide. Fischer MEA was also recently awarded the ‘Supplier of the Year 2018’ at the Construction Innovation Awards in Dubai, UAE.

This is the result of fischer MEA’s years of dedication towards its clients and projects. Be it the iconic Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, or currently ongoing projects such as Expo 2020, Riyadh Metro or Sheikh Khalifa Hospital in Fujairah, the company has time and again delivered technical perfection by providing unique proposals to match even the most complex requirements along with a wide range of other services.

The success of a supplier is determined on how it operates, and history has proven time and again that only those who have dedicated themselves to advancing ahead of current market trends through constant research, development and through a customer-focused approach can climb to the top of the competition and anchor themselves there, fischer points out.

Companies face the risk of falling the moment they stop innovating.

Fischer MEA is optimistic about its future and continues to thrive through innovation, continued research and development, and a dedicated team of engineers that lend support to the entire region.