Kone’s scenic elevator in Al Fattan Marina Tower at Dubai Marina.

The benefits of Kone’s panoramic elevators are many – unobstructed views for visitors that increase the likelihood of spontaneous shopping, a clean look and added value to long elevator rides.

Kone, a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, is adding value to its efficient offerings for vertical transportation with a broad range of scenic elevators that can be easily customised to client’s wishes.

These scenic elevators add the final touches to an exclusive interior, creating a good first impression for visitors while increasing safety in public places through the transparency of their glass fronts.

“Take an exclusive hotel or a cruise ship, for example. Visitors are surrounded by a luxurious atmosphere and rich design; our scenic elevators are made just for that,” says Noha Kadora, marketing manager at Kone Middle East.

However, the panoramic elevators are made not only to impress as they also offer other benefits to a building. In public places, scenic elevators bring unobstructed views, improving safety and achieving a clean look with steel or glass surfaces that are practical for cleaning, she says.

Degeling and Kadora (right).

Degeling and Kadora (right).

Kadora continues: “In shopping centres, maximising visibility of shop windows increases the likelihood of spontaneous shopping, and in office buildings, an impressive group of scenic elevators tells a story about the company with a long-range view and dynamic attitude.”

Commenting on the scenic elevator business in the Middle East, Bas Degeling, regional new equipment director at Kone Middle East, says: “During the last few years, we have seen a rising interest for scenic lifts and other options that make elevator travel more inspiring. Especially here in the GCC countries, scenic elevators in high-rise buildings give residents, visitors and office workers an added value for the long elevator ride.”

He says: “The latest Kone project where ‘scenic’ is taken to the next level is a lift offering a view of the shaft through the glass ceiling. Featuring also special lighting and a sound system, the lift creates a totally new experience for the elevator ride.”

The technology behind Kone’s scenic elevators is the same EcoDisc used in other Kone products. 

Kadora elaborates: “The Kone EcoDisc hoisting motor is extremely energy-efficient, and elevators equipped with this solution are 50 to 70 per cent more efficient than elevators that use conventional traction two-speed or hydraulic technology.”

Kone’s scenic elevators are available both with machine room-less (MRL) Kone Monospace and small machine room (SMR) Kone MiniSpace elevator platforms. Elevators using the Kone MonoSpace platform can travel up to 24 floors with a maximum speed of 2 m per second, whereas the Kone MiniSpace platform takes the visitor up to 38 floors at a maximum speed of 2 m per second. 

Kone elevators at Doha Tower in Qatar.

Kone elevators at Doha Tower in Qatar.

Regarding design, there are four different series distinguished by car shape. “A series of classic cubicle shape glass cars come with a standard square floor shape. A glass wall can be applied only to the back wall, back wall and sides, or all the sides of the car,” Kadora explains.

The series of round-shaped glass cars feature three alternative canopy designs, whereas the angular floor shape cars and square floor shape scenic cars come with two alternative designs. The interior of the elevator can be customised further through the selection of ceiling, flooring and signalisation options. 

Kone has several regional references featuring scenic elevators. “One of our greatest references in the Middle East is Al Fattan Marine Towers in Dubai Marina,” comments Degeling. “The luxurious residential complex is home to eight Kone scenic elevators that travel over 200 m at 4 m per second.”

In Abu Dhabi, Etihad Towers features five Kone scenic elevators. “In these towers, every aspect has been considered so that comfort, luxury, convenience and enjoyment permeate through every experience, including the elevator ride. The same applies to the Doha Tower in Qatar where the same spirit of design runs throughout the building’s interior. For this tower, we created eight custom-designed scenic elevators set in a semi-circle to serve the large atrium of the building,” Degeling says.

Kone scenic elevators will also efficiently tackle the busy people flow in the airports in Muscat (Oman) and Bahrain, as well as in the Doha Metro, once these projects are completed. Dubai is soon see the completion of the Marina 101 Tower that will have two scenic lifts travelling at a speed of 4 m per second to the top floor.

Degeling says restaurant guests in Marina 101 can enjoy the view from Kone MiniSpace lift through a one-sided glass wall.

“Other new Kone references in the UAE that we look forward to riding include Skyview Tower in Dubai and Al Fursan Hotel in Abu Dhabi,” he concludes.