TREMCO Commercial Sealants and Waterproofing has introducedExoAir 111, a high-performance, versatile, impermeable air and vapour barrier membrane that can be used in wall assemblies across a wide variety of climates and temperatures.

“This newest addition to Tremco’s comprehensive air barrier system offerings provides product stability at temperature extremes from -7 to 115 deg C, reducing construction delays and eliminating the need for high or low temperature accessories,” says a spokesman for the Germany-headquartered Tremco-illbruck.

ExoAir 111 is also UL (Underwriters Laboratories)-certified for the NFPA 285 Standard Fire Test Method, simplifying the process for architects, consultants, and specifiers when determining International Building Code (IBC) compliance for fire propagation characteristics.

ExoAir 111 has 20 mils of high-performance butyl laminated to a 4-mil metallised high-density polypropylene film and a siliconised release liner, creating a 24-mil composite sheet.

“Unlike traditional 40-mil systems, this product’s reduced material weight and primerless application minimise installer fatigue, increase productivity and accelerate construction schedules,” says the spokesman.

This factory-controlled mil thickness also ensures peace of mind because the application is consistent with level coverage for quality assurance and protection. The metallised facer was engineered for low heat absorption, resulting in thermal stability during the construction cycle.

The product’s superior ultraviolet (UV) resistance also allows prolonged exposure to the elements with no material degradation, and the rugged HDPP (high-density polypropylene) film protects the high-performance butyl membrane against incidental damage during the construction process.

ExoAir 111 can be used as a membrane or as a component of an air barrier system.